20th Anniversary Silver Eagle ? Gorgeous And Rare Coins Enjoy Tremendous Popularity

Mention the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle coin to a dedicated coin collector and their eyes sparkle with excitement! These lovely, rare coins have been highly sought after since they were first minted. As you probably already know, the American Silver Eagle is the official U.S. silver bullion coin and the program itself has been extremely popular since it’s launch.

So, what makes the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle worth collecting?

To celebrate the 20th year of the program, the U.S. mint offered 3 separate 2006 Silver Eagles in a set. The 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle set includes 1 standard American Silver Eagle, 1 2006 Burnished Silver Eagle and 1 2006 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle.

Each of these 2006 Silver Eagles has something to offer to the collector.

The standard 2006 Silver Eagle coin is valuable in its own right, being made from 1 ounce of 99.9% pure silver.
Minted in the year 2006 only, the Reverse Proof Silver Eagle commorates the 20th anniversary of the silver eagle program. This particular American Silver Eagle coin is highly coveted by both serious coin collectors and investors alike because it is so unique and super scarce!. It is different then the regular Silver American Eagle coin.
The coin is minted with a frosted background and mirrored devices – the opposite of the standard coin. In less than five years, the Silver Eagle reverse proof has seen superb gains by those who have both purchased and sold it.
The 2006 Burnished Silver Eagle is minted using special burnished blanks which produce a very unique and appealing finished coin. This particular coin has the “W” mintage mark and was also produced in 2007 and 2008.  It was not, however, minted in 2009. Whether it will be minted in the future is unknown.

Specifications of the 2006 Silver Eagles:

Each coin in the set is minted from 1 Troy ounce, containing .999 ounces of pure silver.
2006 Silver Eagles are 1.598 inches, or 40.60 mm, in diameter and .177 inches, or 2.98 mm, in width.
They are $ 1 legal tender coins in the U.S.
The obverse of each of the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set coins features the classic Walking Liberty design by Adolph Weinman that was featured on United States half-dollars minted from 1916 to 1947.
The reverse of each 2006 Silver Eagle coin features a heraldic eagle reminiscent of the Great Shield of the United States.

Three Reasons to Buy the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle:

The rarity of the coins and the complete set has made them one of the top popular offerings from the U.S. mint. Both the set and the individual coins are one of the most sought after Silver Eagles, out of all the dates produced since the program began.
Like all dated Silver Eagle coins, they carry certif by the United States Mint. Their intrinsic silver content means that they are a safe and secure investment. This means that buyers will always be confident of their superb value.
The prices for 2006 Silver Eagles has continued to rise steadily since their introduction.
The recent market move toward physical precious metal assets, especially silver, will likely boost their value in years to come.
Collectors will enjoy the splendid beauty of some of the most exquisite coins ever minted.

In Conclusion:

Most leading investment advisors are recommending the purchase of tangible precious metal assets like the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle. They enjoy rising prices and an intrinsic value that paper stocks cannot match. This is the right time to be adding 2006 Silver Eagles to your portfolio, and the market continues to prove this with excellent returns on investment for purchases of these truly exceptional coins.

With the recent correction in silver, this is the perfect time to add the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle to your collection!

Order your 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle today, while they are still available!

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