A Numis Company Review May Create New Opportunities For You

Numis Network is a company that specializes in multi level marketing, with a focus on selling collectible coins, or numismatic coins. There has been a great deal of controversy and scepticism surrounding the marketing style of Numis Network, and this Numis Company Review strives to outline the basic vision of the company.

Numismatics is an area of study that has existed for centuries, and deals primarily in the study of physical money, such as coins and notes, as well as the collection of money for such purposes. Numis Network claims that a high demand for numismatic coins already exists worldwide, and that Numis is simply catering to the market is a way that has never been used for numismatic coins.

Marketing sales heavyweights headline the administration side of Numis Network, with alleged decades of sales and executive experience between them. One of telemarketing TVs top numismatic coin sellers, and reputedly the best in the world, has also joined the leadership team, lending his considerable charisma to the sales process.

The company has made a concerted effort to present their range of gold and silver coins with the utmost specialized professionality. The numismatic coins are modern issue, and are certified by independent coin grading specialists, who are unsurprisingly the alleged best in the world, at MS70, or Mint State 70, using the Sheldon Scale. A grade of 70 means that the coins are in perfect mint condition, and Numis Network declares that this will maintain and increase excellent collectible value of the coin over time. The coins are also sealed using a special ultrasonic process, into a plastic casing that fits perfectly into the slots provided in the startup collector kit case.

When customers join up to the Numis Network purchasing scheme, they will usually receive a collectible coin once a month by mail. Supporters of Numis state that collecting gold and silver, which has collectible value in the long run, is a beneficial way to spend money. This inferred accumulation of collectible wealth possibly makes numismatic coins a more attractive choice of purchase than items available through similar marketing techniques.

Multi-level marketing is the strategy used by Numis Network to put their numismatic coins on the market. Individuals are recruited remotely to build up their own customer base, for monetary incentives such as commissions and downline bonuses. Critics state that this marketing technique is extremely close to the pyramid selling model, which is illegal. There are several different ways to earn bonuses through Numis Network, for those who purchase the startup business kit, and the official Numis website explains all the opportunities in detail, using diagrams, grids and flow charts.

Supporters who have reportedly made a fair income from the Numis Network speak very highly of their comprehensive business starter kits, which are available to purchase for several hundred dollars. The kits include many features that boast a standard Numis look with Numis Network logos, and are ready for immediate use. These include online bookkeeping capabilities, websites that are reportedly proven to attract more customer traffic, and standardized websites that are able to manage purchases. Numis explains that each component is made to a well-researched standard that will optimise the amount of profit that can be generated.

It is clear that there are many more aspects of Numis Network that cannot be covered by this short Numis company review. The only certainty is that advocates are strong believers in marketing method, and the success of Numis Network will be plainly measured by its life span.

When Reviewing Numis, it’s important that you also look at specific strategies and skills that will help you build a successful organization. If you want to learn how you can build a successful business, start by reading David Wood’s Numis Network Review.

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