Buy Gold Sovereigns For Investment And Collection

Gold sovereigns are often chosen to celebrate a special event or occasion and are considered to be a uniquely patriotic purchase. It is an important symbol of the British Empire. The gold sovereign coin represents the wealth and prosperity of the British Empire. The coins are timeless in their desirability as a gold investment. Consistency of product quality is the same over years; it is the finest in the world.

A billion gold sovereigns have been minted over years, according to the royal mint. But only one percent of all the gold coins minted are still in the “Collectible” condition. Any gold sovereigns sent to the USA were first melted into gold bars due to the Federal Law.

You can buy gold sovereigns in the following variety: QE2 2010, QE2 Decimal, and QE2 Pre-decimal gold sovereign coins. The gold content in a gold coin is 7.3224 grams and fineness is 22 carat. 22 carat is 91.67 percent purity. The gold sovereigns come in 7.9881 grams and thickness of this coin is 1.52 mm.

Why Buy Gold

In financially unstable times, buying gold is a wise decision. Stocks and other investments are subject to more risk, while gold bullion is known to retain as well as increase in value over time. It is a better way to safeguard and grow your wealth.

Gold has always been considered as a safe investment and a useful thing in crisis. People buy gold as an investment against political, social, economical, and personal crises. Potential disasters are always there but no one likes to think about it. Yet, we insure ourselves, that too at a high premium. Buying gold provides a tangible source of income in times of crisis, as selling it is easy and fast.

The price of gold is increasing and the rate of increase is staggering. Thus, it is not only a form of insurance, it is a good investment. For example, if you had invested $ 10,000 in gold bullion in 1999, your investment will have grown to over $ 40, 000 by 2010. This is a huge 300 percent increase; much more than any stocks you might have with you.

How to Buy Gold

You can buy the gold sovereigns online on certified websites. Delivery is done in UK and Ireland at the following prices: up to 250 gms- 7.50; 250 to 500 gms- 9.50; 500 to 750 gms: 12.50; 750 to 1000 – 18.00. They store and insure your gold for free, the first year. The online stores have made gold buying very simple. You simply have to go to the website and click on ‘Buy Gold’.

You must know that gold can be bought in different forms. Apart from physical gold like gold bars and gold sovereign coins, one can buy them in form of paper gold, in form of ETFs, certificates, and gold stocks. Gold is a universal currency and can be bought and sold anywhere. Thus, it is considered to be the most stable and robust investment. Many people like to buy gold sovereigns in the form of coins because the coins hold collectible value and are a solid form of investment. They have a high resale value and collectors love to get them in their personal collection.

Buying gold sovereigns is a great way to invest and have insurance in times of crisis. They can be bought online and in different weights of gold. In an unstable financial market, gold is a solid investment and tangible form of securing and increasing your wealth.

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