Can You Prosper With The Numis Network

Maybe you have not heard of a ‘graded coin’ before, A bullion coin that has been authenticated by a specialist would be the short answer, the coins purity, content and weight will determine how valuable it is and what price it should sell for.  It is then ultrasonically sealed into a container and then ready for sale to the millions of collectors on the planet.  Silver & Gold prices have exploded recently and people know that these coins are actually worth having so you would think that this network would do very well!.  Let’s face it the US dollar is becoming increasingly worthless ,so why not stock up on Graded Silver & Gold and have the peace of mind of knowing we hold something of real value.

Recently there was a new entrant to the network marketing scene, the Numis Network.  They are tapping into the graded gold & silver coin collection industry and adding a network marketing compensation plan to it.  This new network was the vision created by Mike Mezack and his associates, all have had extensive direct sales experience with Mike currently selling graded coins on TV!.  Graded coins have created an industry worth over 10 billion dollars in the US, so with its explosive growth over recent years it can be a very profitable business to be involved with.

In the Numis network presentation video the question of ‘what are Numis network’s goals’ was answered by Mike Mezack – ‘to become the biggest merchant of certified coins in the world’.  They pay out through the binary system, this can be a hard to understand system, especially to a newbie.  The potential earnings from such a system is hugh.  The fact that this comp plan has the potential of ‘spillover’ payments gets newbie’s in MLM very excited and often recruiters will leverage this aspect to encourage people to sign up.  If you are not fully aware of how this pay plan works you need to do your homework before signing up otherwise you could be sorely dissappointed.  If you are able to bring a decent number of distributors into this system you will have some great earnings.

Training videos for all new distributors are available in the system according to Mike Mezack.  What is quite strange is that you will be asked to pay for your marketing education, to avoid you getting a shock if you sign up I will tell you that the Numis network will ask you to pay extra money to access their training vault.  Unfortunately if you’re someone who is new to network marketing and you are relying on just the Numis network training you are in for a tough time.  Basic tools are provided such as training videos on the graded coin industry, standard affiliate webpage and back office.

If you’ve been involved with mlm for a while you will probably be aware that promoting a website which is the same as that of all the other distributors in the network is not the most efficient method of recruitment, just simply driving traffic to a replicated website is not the answer in today’s market environment.  They teach nothing about branding YOU and nothing about how to offer people value in order to formulate a relationship, it would be helpful if they provided some more in depth training about how to generate leads.

Now is a good time to partner with this company and there are good incomes to be made if you know what you are doing.  In order to maximise your profits you should seek out a coach who can teach you the real secrets on how to recruit large numbers of people into network marketing companies.

This Numis Network review will give you some idea as to how this company operates, but if you are to have maximum profits you must learn the secrets to building large downlines. To learn how to use effective systems for your business visit my MLM blog at

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