Coin Value ? How to Understand the Value of What You’ve Got

The world of coin investing can be an exciting one.  After all, you get to work with luxurious things, like gold and silver.  But how much coin value does your collection really have?  Whether you are dealing with gold or silver, there are 3 things that can help you figure out the value of what you’ve got:

1.Your coin value will change – a lot

The value of your collection will change over time; however, it isn’t likely to go down.  In recent years, the value of both gold and silver has been at record-high levels – and it keeps on climbing.  In fact, trouble with the global economy has actually been a good thing for the value of gold and silver.  If you’ve got a collection of either, your coin value has gone up dramatically just in the past few years.

2.The rarer your coin collection is, the better
It might seem like an obvious statement, but do you really know the details of everything sitting in your safe?  If you really want to determine a coin value for your collection, spend some time pouring over it. You might be amazed to find some really rare pieces!  

Sure, anytime you find a silver dollar in your collection, that’s a good thing.  After all, the silver dollar market is a big one.  Collectors in all corners of the world want to get their hands on a great-looking silver dollar.

But there could be even more valuable things sitting in your collection!

If, for example, you find a Morgan Dollar, you are sitting on something that’s very valuable.  That’s because a Morgan Dollar was only minted for a limited amount of time.  Plus, a Morgan Dollar has historical value.  Did you know that these coins were not minted to be used as currency?  Instead, they were minted to guarantee the value of America’s silver.  Today, they have a very high coin value because of their non-traditional roots.

3.Gold coins are both good – and bad
When it comes to coin value, you would think that gold coins set the standard.  After all, they are much more expensive than their silver counterparts – so they must be more valuable, right?

While the price of gold is skyrocketing, your gold coins are only worth what someone can pay for them.  Since gold is pricier than silver, you will find that there are far fewer potential buyers.  After all, not everyone can afford to buy a gold coin collection – or even part of it.  But if you can find a buyer with deep pockets, your gold coins could very well be worth a fortune!

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