Collect Coins Make Money

Collect Coins Make Money

Collecting coins in it self is a very good way to create wealth for generations to come..Especially Gold and Silver Numismatic Coins.

Numismatic coins are an asset, that increase in value over time. Sometimes they do go down in value, but it shows though out history that graded coins generally increase in value over time. This is defiantly the case for rare or low, minted coins that have been graded. When a coin is graded, it has been certified by a third party that the coin is of a specific standard. The grading scale for coins are on a 70 point scale devised by Dr William Shelby for his famous work, “Penny Whimsy” on early large cents. 0 means that you can pretty much tell that it was once a coin, while 70 means that it is perfect. Note that 60 is uncirculated. This is a new coin from the mint that hasn’t been put into public and may have a scratch or two from being in a bag of other coins.

Here is were it gets good.

Now that you know about grading, take a coin out of your pocket. Say it is a 1997 Washington Quarter. Your coin is defiantly circulated, and its value (unless there is a minted flaw on it) is probably only worth 25 cents. But if your quarter was graded and put into a protective slab, on the low end of MS 60, your coin would be worth about 58 cents, double its face value. Now take for instance a coin like the American Eagle. These coins are a lower minted coin, so write off the bat there is a hire demand for them, which increases it value already. A 1997 Silver Eagle 1 dollar coin is worth about $18 dollars circulated.. That’s if you had one in your pocket rite now.. But if you had one that was graded it could be worth 10 times that amount.. An MS 60 1997 Silver Eagle is worth about $35 dollars. If you had an MS 70 Silver Eagle (the highest grade) it would be worth $500 dollars.. A significant amount more for perfection.

This is what my friend meant by “Collect Coins Make Money”. If in 1997 when I was just out of high school I would have collected just 10 of those silver eagles I would have a very nice little savings for myself and family.

I have found that the best way to collect coins, is on an auto ship program. Were every month you can receive a new graded silver or gold coin. It’s like having your birthday every month.

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