Collecting Coins

Collecting Coins

In April of 2011 Collectey ran a survey, asking their large amount of members what do you collect? It was to my surprise coins came out on top at 69%. I was guessing it would have been a type of tradingcards, or sports memorabilia, maybe even something I never heard of. Stamps got a whopping 2%, not that I collect stamps just thought that more people did then actually do, instead of the towering coins ratio. The survey did not go in depth about the details of the collection type, just what the were, so we will go a little further into them, to see the appeal of collecting coins.

For some it is as simple as the penny collection. It can cheap and can be found in most parking lots across America, not to mention the couch and car seats. One collection may have all the pennies year in order ending with the present and going back in time as far a possible. Where another will just be a large collection of pennies. Maybe a attempt for a Global record. Add to that the growing possibility of the government canceling out the penny and the high odds of finding a old or rare penny, collecting pennies can be very rewarding.

Story coins, as I like to call them are coins that had a impact or tell a story of how the country changed over time. Examples of this would be the 1883 “Racketeer” Nickel, or 1943 steel instead of copper penny. The story behind them is what makes them stand out. They are not much to obtain, with the potential to grow in value and make great additions to any collection. You can do a search on famous or rare coins to get the story on these and other coins in history.

Error coins is another type of coin collection. These have a good chance of selling for the big bucks. Some can be considered one of a kind and very rare. Errors are made at the mint during the minting process. The die hits the coin disk twice or a little to the left or right. One penny I have seen, has

Lincoln with a extra ear. No one is perfect, so from time to time there are errors and if you are paying attention you may find a center piece for you collection.

There are many other reasons for collecting coins, but the final one I want to go over is the old lucky or favorite coin. I can remember begging my grandfather to watch a television show while my brother wanted to watch something else. He would reach into his pocket a pull out a beat up fifty cent piece and with his thumb, give it a flick. One of us would call it and when it landed the choice had be made. Sure you may have a different versions of this in your family, but you see what I mean. The old coin has been passed down to me and is worth more to me then any other coin.

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