Eldora Resources – How to Avoid Scams when Buying Gold and Silver Coins


Know Your Dealer, Resist Deals Too Good to Be True and Avoid Collectable Coins

It is important to research and evaluate each of the gold investment companies under consideration. There are many gold investment scams, fraud, boiler rooms that you should watch for, this will serve as a good warning before investing and only use gold options and companies that are verified, and have a good business reputation. This will minimize the risk of falling prey to any boiler rooms, scams or frauds.

With the rise of gold and silver coins as a hedge against inflation, more people are looking to add precious metals to their savings. However, there are many scam artist ready to take advantage of new buyers. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Avoid collectable coins
When you start to buy gold and silver coins, some disreputable dealers will try to sell you collectable gold and silver coins. Usually, these coins cost 50% to 100% over spot. If you are interested in buying silver and gold coins as an investment, then you shouldn’t bother with collector coins. And you should not be paying more than 30% over spot price, per ounce.

Avoid people who offer “too good to be true” deals on gold and silver
There is no such thing as a deal when it comes to gold and silver coins. You can not buy a gold nor silver coin for just spot price. And you certainly can not buy a silver or gold coin for under spot price. Anyone who tries to sell you a gold or silver coin for close to spot price is trying to rip you off. Avoid them.

Avoid buying coins on eBay if you are not an expert on detecting fake coins
eBay has many reputable dealers. However, there are many fraud coins on eBay. You are better off avoiding this market. If the gold and silver market becomes overheated, you may find that many dealers will be out of coins. And that the only place that you may find gold or silver coins will be on eBay. Your best move is to simply wait until the coins come back into stock at a reputable dealer. If you end up buying a fake coin on eBay, or get stiffed, you will have a hard time getting your money back.

Stick to U.S. Liberty Eagle Gold and Silver coins if you are new at buying gold and silver coins

There are many fraud gold and silver coins out there. The majority of fake gold and silver coins come from Asia. You can reduce your chance of buying a fake coin by sticking to U.S. Liberty Eagle Gold and Silver coins. Why? Because these are the only coins minted by the United States. And counterfeit gold and silver Liberty coins are investigated by the Secret Service. That makes it more advantageous for criminals to stick to faking non-US gold and silver coins. Yes, you will pay a little more for U.S. Liberty Eagle gold and silver coins, but it will be worth it.

Avoid buying coins at pawn shops if you are not a powerful negotiator
Pawn shop dealers are masters at buying low and selling high. If you are a new gold and silver buyer and you walk into a pawn shop, you will be like a sheep walking into a den of wolves. You are better off to sticking to large gold and silver dealers who have a set above spot price on their coins.

There are many great places where you can safely buy gold and silver coins. My two recommendations are APMEX and Apmex.com and bulliondirect.com. Both companies have been around for over a decade and have a long track record with many long term gold and silver buyers and sellers. With the right kind of research, you will be able to find the best dealer for you to buy and sell gold and silver coins. 



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