Exotic Outclass Activities: Various Types of Collecting

Exotic Outclass Activities: Various Types of Collecting The outclass activities are often aimed at developing students’ mental and physical capabilities. However, extracurricular time is also aimed at defining students’ additional preferences that can be realized during the time free from home assignments and lectures. The problem is that many colleges offer standard packages of activities that have been traditionally established. These packages usually include different clubs, theater circles, sport activities, music bands. In this article, we will second a motion to introduce collecting as one of extracurricular activities because it can also contribute to intellectual advancement. What types of collecting exist? 1. Art collecting This type of collecting is more typical for wealthy people who can afford to buy an expensive picture of a famous artist. However, this activity can be also taken by mere students who can collect some objects related with art. For instance, it is possible to collect photos, images, and copies of famous masterpieces. Art collecting creates a lot of benefits for students because they can expand their knowledge on history of art and painting. 2. Numismatics Collecting coins, paper money, and other objects of exchange can also be gathered. This kind of occupation is also of great use for students because it allows them to cognate the economic and financial systems of other countries. This information can be especially valuable if a student’s major is finance. 3. Stamp collecting Those students who are keen on collecting stamps can easily penetrate into the culture and history of other countries as each stamp can present countries’ main attractions or famous historic figures. So, different types of collecting prove to be quite helpful for students who want to improve their knowledge on other cultures, other countries, and other civilizations. This is why this activity must be included into extracurricular program.

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