Five Ways to Use Custom Challenge Coins for Your Military Conference

The beginning of a new year presents a great opportunity for growth and provides a forum for presenting innovative ideas. Within this month and continuing on through to the end of the year, a wide number of military conferences are being held worldwide to address important issues and promote change. It is usually quite obvious that the organizers and hosts do everything they can to make their conferences a success. There is, however, one more item that can and should be added to their conference checklist, custom military challenge coins.

Those that have come to learn about it are amazed by long military history that trails challenge coins. Dating back as far as World War I, coins are a traditional part of military culture. This is one reason why they are ideal additions to any military conference. Another reason is that they are versatile and practical items that can be used in five different and beneficial ways.

A Creative Approach to Event Promotion

The number of attendees and overall success of a conference is largely determined by how well it was promoted. Group affiliations, print advertising, exclusive invitations, the internet and social media networks all offer a good means of getting the word out about the event. However, if military groups want a unique and unforgettable way to publicize their conference, a promotional coin is the perfect way to do it. This type of challenge coin can be customized and used like an event flyer, or invitation, by including key conference information like the date, time and location. The perceived value of challenge coins makes them less likely to be lost or discarded as would a paper product.

Exclusive Tokens for VIP’s and Dignitaries

Most conferences have some number of preferred guests or VIPs. These special attendees receive a wide selection of perks for which custom coins work very nicely. The challenge coin design can feature key event information on one side and the VIP members’ status displayed on the other. Conference dignitaries will be pleasantly surprised as they receive their VIP coins prior to the event to ensure admittance to designated areas.

Increasing Available Funding

We all know that hosting a large conference requires the right amount of funding. While organizers may be busy calculating the budget, gathering sponsors and collecting donations, they should also consider using custom challenge coins as a fundraising tool. The one-of-a-kind look and feel of custom coins sells itself. Military coin enthusiasts as well as supporters will gladly take advantage this opportunity to build their coin collections and show their support.

A Series of Collectible Souvenirs

Speaking of collections, making collectible coins for your conference is extremely easy, especially if the conference in an annual affair. Challenge coins with this purpose should not only include the event name or logo, date and location, but also special add-on details that will clearly identify it as a collectible. Adding design extras like dual plating, antique finish, cut-out and sequential numbering are some of the options available for creating distinctions between coins. Of the above choices, plating and antique finishes can both be done without changing the original manufacturing mold which makes them the most cost efficient choices for creating collectibles.

Last but not least, custom military coins make fantastic keepsakes. Most guests do not mind and often anticipate receiving a little gift from the gatherings they attend. Having something to remember the conference by will serve as means of promoting and building excitement about the following year’s gathering. Keepsake coins designed to preserve conference memories best achieve their goal when they are offset printed using an actual photograph or include unique custom artwork.

With the number of military conferences held all over the world, group and event organizers should consider the many reasons and benefits of using customized coins. Their military history makes them a welcomed part of any military function or gathering. They can serve several purposes including use as event announcements, VIP gifts, fundraiser tools, collectibles and conference souvenirs. The flexibility and variation of available design options offers interesting and cost efficient ways to make coins stand out. Contacting a premier challenge coin company before an upcoming conference can be the start of another valuable military related tradition.

Marc Pamatian knows a thing or two about challenge coins. As Manager of All About Coins, he works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom challenge coins that exceed his customer’s expectations.

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