Getting The Right Challenge Coin Company

Sometimes when you want to make a great challenge coin it takes two to get the job done. It takes you and a great challenge coin company. The problem is there are so many not so great companies on the web today that assure you a terrible outcome. The first three pages on Google are just loaded with them. There are some great challenge coin companies out there though. On a given day you can only guarantee about 5 coin companies on the internet that are serious about business. The main theme in preparing to mint your challenge coins is buyer beware. I can’t tell you how many times a person needs to have their coin remade with another company because the quality was pathetic.

Most companies skimp on making your coin by using low grade metal so they tend to feel light. Then they use a soft enamel paint which flakes, peels, and scratches. To top it off they use an epoxy dome to cover their horrible work. They sell it to you at an extremely inflated price and you walk away none the wiser. Do their website have loads of content? GSA approval? LLC or Corp backing their name? An actually employee roster? If you can answer no to any of those you need to find a real company paying real taxes and subject to real laws.

Anyone can start a challenge coin website and find a factory overseas to mint for them and that’s why you see thousands of these websites. These are fly by night websites that take your money and can’t back anything up. Ultimately you are the loser each and every time unless you know you have a solid company with solid performance. Don’t get suckered into a low grade company just because you heard the name. You need to know your company, especially when you are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Have they minted for big name companies lately? Big name companies do their homework because they don’t always want to sue for bad work. They research who makes products for them. So shouldn’t you do the same? If a challenge coin company can give you an active list of their clients I would say they are fairly serious. It’s up to you to know how serious of a business they are. Don’t mint with someone you can’t trust to be open on your reorder and don’t mint with companies with gimmicky names.

Challenge coins are a precious thing to many people and making them is the beginning of a new coin hitting the market. I can tell you that I can hold a challenge coin anyone gives me and tell you exactly where it was minted. Any company supporting you to use epoxy coating on your coin is a company to run from. Any company that has a 10 page website and the only purpose is to get you to order with them is another dead giveaway that they are of lower class. They have one goal and that’s to get that money and forget anything in the future. You would absolutely be surprised how many people lose when ordering challenge coins every day.

Are you looking for some help when it comes to finding the right company for your challenge coins and military coins, then look no further and check us out.

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