Gold Coins Every Collector Should Own

Gold Coins Every Collector Should Own

Gold coins signify opulence, and with good reason. Gold is perhaps one of the most easily recognized precious metals. Long before the age of credit cards or even paper currency, it was gold that symbolized wealth, and in effect, power. In fact, this metal is so valuable that most experts agree that the most expensive gold coin ever purchased was worth about eight million dollars!

And while their monetary worth is by all means notable, there’s something more that draws collectors around the world to gold coins. These unmistakably alluring pieces commemorate meaningful moments and figures throughout history. They connect us to rich, diverse cultures and help to narrate our collective stories. So while building a gold coin collectioncan be superficially valuable, the appeal runs far deeper.

People have been collecting coins since the Middle Ages. During this era, there was an important shift in perspective. People started noticing the art, the craftsmanship and the tremendous historical significance of coins. If you’re interested in taking up this age-old hobby, or are perhaps expanding your current collection, read on to learn about some gold coins that deserve your attention.

World Gold Coins

Nearly every collector prides herself on owning the very first of a kind. That’s why the Israel Tower of David 1oz. Gold Bullion Coin is so special. With a limited mintage of only 3,600 coins around the entire world, this striking coin is quite rare and valuable to serious coin buffs. The face features the beautiful Lion of Megiddo, an image derived from an authentic 8th century BC seal in the ancient Jordan Valley. On the reverse, you’ll discover a stunning depiction of the Tower of David as it appeared from the Old City of Jerusalem. This piece is so unique, in fact, that it’s the very first gold bullion coin to be issued by the Bank of Israel, and will never be minted again.

World coin lovers would also be remiss to overlook the 2010 South Africa Krugerrand, a piece with a somewhat controversial history. This rare 1oz coin made its debut in 1967, when it symbolized the massive amounts of gold being extracted from Johannesburg mines. Private ownership of the Krugerrand was actually prohibited until the Apartheid ended in 1994.  This coin is linked to a momentous period of history, and was also the worlds very first to be struck in 91.7 percent pure gold.

Liberty Head Gold

Liberty Head gold coins are unmistakable symbols of America’s unique history. The beautiful Liberty Head series was first cast in fine gold almost a century ago, and includes the very first $1 and $20 coins ever made. A bold American eagle is featured on each of these stunning coins, serving as a reminder of the strength and pride of our Nation.

Serious collectors around the world hold these coins in the highest regard for their beauty and rareness.  Liberty Head gold coins stopped being circulated over 70 years ago.  What’s more, the U.S. government melted more than 90 percent of all the gold coins made during the 1930s. Today’s gold coin collectors are in hot pursuit of those in extremely fine condition.

Indian Head Gold

The valuable Indian Head gold coins have rather modest, practical beginnings. The $3 Indian Princess head coin, for example, was created to make it more convenient to buy postage stamps in 1851, when pennies were reportedly difficult to come by. The beautiful coin was made of .900 fine gold and features a striking Indian princess on the face and a wreath of cotton, corn, tobacco and wheat on the reverse.

The $10 Indian Head Gold Piece is another must for real collectors.  Created by iconic sculptor, Agustus Saint-Gaudens, this coin features a rare incuse design that sinks into the coin, rather than protruding out. Plucked right out of history, this coin is sure to be a gem of your collection. These coins come in a handsome wooden case, ideal for showcasing your most prized pieces.

Gold is a universal symbol of wealth and beauty for Americans, and coin lovers around the world. But, just as their value spans wider than their monetary worth, it also runs far deeper than just aesthetic allure. These amazing coins reflect our culture and help to unify our history. There are few ways to better connect with the past than through gold coin collection. Imagine teaching future generations about the past by using these rare mementos, taken right out of the past.

Whether you’re a brand new collector, itching to fill your shelf space, or you’re a seasoned coin aficionado, struggling to find room for new additions among your impressive displays, these beautiful gold coins are worth your attention.

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