International Silver Network Mlm Review

International Silver Network, or ISN as they are otherwise recognized is the most recent company to enter the gold and silver multi-level marketing arena. ISN launched on January 1st, 2011, placing themselves between the top level numismatic coin companies and those companies offering silver bullion. The chief rivals for ISN are Preservation of Wealth and Numis Network.

International Silver Network has decided to concentrate on the promotion of MS 69 American Silver Eagle coins. ISN has done this for a few stated reasons. First off, ISN believes that an MS 69 coin provides shelter from possible government seizures of precious metals, since they are regarded as a collectors item. Secondarily, the price of an MS 69 is much closer to that of silver bullion, consequently it is considered by ISN to be a great deal more attractive to bullion investors.

ISN offers 3 levels of enrollment. The first level is a Preferred Customer level. This level is designed for those who prefer to accumulate coins on a regular basis, but are not interested in a home business opportunity. Preferred Customers get an automatic shipment of one MS 69 graded coin every month at 10% off of the current retail price. The second enrollment level is the Direct Sales Rep level. At this level, the person pays a low monthly fee for the back office and marketing tools, but they do not get any monthly shipments of silver. Direct Sales Reps receive commissions on all tier 1 and tier 2 sales. The third enrollment level offered by International Silver Network is the Collector Rep level. Collector Reps get a monthly coin shipment in addition to access to the back office and all of the business building tools made available by ISN. A Collector Rep is eligible to earn compensation up to eight levels deep with unlimited width. They are also eligible to earn from the global bonus pools made available by the company.

The pay plan offered by International Silver Network has four basic elements. The first element is the Unilevel Commission. The Unilevel Commission pays 5% on all commissionable team volume up to eight levels deep on all qualifying tiers. The next element of the compensation plan is Rolling Compensation Bonus. This bonus is paid on the tier of the organization with the most commissionable sales for the month. The third element of the ISN compensation plan is the Global Pool. A Collector Rep is eligible for this pool once they have personally enrolled 4 additional Collector Reps. The final component of the compensation plan is retail profit. This is simply the difference between the Collector Rep cost and the retail sales price of a particular coin. Other bonuses will be granted from time to time based on the productivity of a Collector Rep and their business team.

As with any of the gold and silver coin multi level marketing companies, it is crucial that a prospective ISN rep understand the principles of building a fruitful network marketing business. Although gold and silver are in high demand, a prospective rep will need to position their business in such a way that they are able to effectively link with other prospective reps. The market for an International Silver Network business will primarily be with other network marketers and those who are buying limited amounts of metals.

Starting an International Silver Network business is just the beginning of a successful network marketing venture. Carl Willis provides weekly training to teach you the skills and strategies of generating ISN leads online.

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