Lady Liberty Coins; A’ Must To Have’ Items For Collectors

Collectors do not have the same focus as to the items they are collecting. While some hobbyists go to the distant places to look for their finds, others have to spend big amount on the certain item for the completion of their collection. There are two motives that drive the collectors; the eagerness to earn and the desire to feel the fulfillment brought by seeing the collection completed after years of devotion to such hobby. There are many things to collect depending upon the line of the collectors. But the items that catch the attention of the collectors recently are old coins. Some may wonder what stored in old coins that made it the subject of bizarre collectors. Old coins as it sound are coins basically valued because of rarity and beauty rarely one can see to any of the coins nowadays. Speaking of beauty; one of the coins that collectors are competing to get is the versions of lady liberty coins. What made this coin very interesting are its constantly changing designs.
One of the earliest designs of lady liberty coins can be seen in the dime circulated from 1837 to 1891. These coins were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper minted in Philadelphia. Designed by Christian Gobrecht the dime in its obverse side is the lady liberty of a draping gown seated on top of the rock. She held at her left hand what seems to be the pre eminent symbol of liberty; liberty cap. On the right hand is the shield with diagonal banner bearing the word Liberty. The lady liberty is encircled with thirteen stars which represent the thirteen states. Just below the image is the year the coin minted. On the reverse side is the wreath tied in the bow and the words around it United States of America at the top One dime at the bottom. There are many varieties of liberty coin but another one that has a unique provocative design and a must to have item for collectors are the quarter coins in 1917. The lady liberty was inscribed standing in a vague clarity of a woman emanating to be top naked thus causing speculations of desecration to the well loved symbol of liberty. Because of the public clamor that issuance of coins with such design, the new version was released the following year having identical design but the beasts are fully covered this time.

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