Numis Ms70 Coins An Brief Explanation Of Coin Grading As It Affects To Coin Condition

Numis coins have been around for a little while now and though many collectors find the thrill of receiving mint state uncirculated coins in the mail alluring some do not really understand the coin grading system. Coin grading at one time was based upon experts opinions as it is now, but each expert might have a different opinion too as to a coin’s value. After all there was no standard, however that changed as collecting coins began to become popular and now the Numis MS70 coins are graded by a standard just as other coins are.

All through history coins have had value beyond their barter or face value and even beyond the value of the metal from which they were made. Precious metal has long been used to make coins and the earliest known silver and gold coins were made from a naturally occurring mix of gold and silver called Electrum. It was not long after before artists began to embellish the coins. In most cases the face value or barter value of the coin is greater than its worth in metal. However to coin collectors the rarity of the coin, the artwork and of course the condition makes all the difference in terms of value. Coins are beautiful, since the first precious metal was poured into the shape of a disc, artists have found this the perfect medium on which to work. Embellishments as simple as a cow which was the literal barter worth of a coin soon developed into busts of emperors and other significant icons. What a coin is worth in barter, its face value is generally more than the bullion value.

Almost everyone carries around a pocket full of change at some time or another. Emptying out that pocket and examining the coins should show a range of metal with some faces clearly etched and almost new and others nearly worn away by time and handling. Coin grading by experts reflects the relative condition of these coins in a consistent manner.

Now even a novice can spot the very large differences, a buffalo nickel which has hardly any detail left, or a bright copper freshly minted penny are obvious. However grading by experts goes beyond the very obvious and even the smallest flaw or loss of clarity can mean the coin is less than ideal.

Mint state is the ideal condition of a coin. In other words fresh from the mint, not a scar, scratch or blur upon it, not even the minor blurs that might occur when coins are bagged and bumped. That ideal is called MS70 and is as close to perfect for any coin possible.

Once a coin goes into circulation its potential value may drop immediately. Handling, rolling, machines, pockets and hands all inflict their damage on these little discs of metal. While the ultimate might be considered MS70, the poorest might be considered MS1.

A grading standard has made the MS70 coins more appealing because it is more consistent in quality. The person not used to actually looking for mars or defects in coins might miss a detail but the expert armed with their standard is highly unlikely to. The consistency in grading helps establish a baseline which means that coins are no longer graded by a guess.

Although coin collectors may have different types of coins they collect they all want the best coin possible to fill out their collection. A collector just starting out may well find that beginning with coins as they are released each year a fascinating way to start off their first collection with a bang. The Numis MS70 collection coins are valued for their beauty and their condition and an excellent choice.

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