Salespeople Are Coin Operated – Find Out What Will Sell in a Recession

I have been in Direct Sales my entire working career. I love to sell, as I am sure you do as well. I have worked with hundreds, even thousands of sales people and have found them to be Creative, Hard Working, ambitious, and Coin Operated.

What does coin operated mean to me? We as sales people like to be challenged and need something to sink out teeth into. Sales people choose to be in Sales and Marketing because we find it Fun, lucrative and the income potential is very good. One thing that makes us more passionate is the money we are able to earn as we close. Yes we are coin operated. If you can put Coins in our pocket, we will be happy and work harder to achieve our goals.

What happens in a market such as today? Many salespeople have lost their jobs. To use a Pin Ball Metaphorically, we are fine as long as the ball keeps moving and we are earning points. But, When something starts to aggravate the machine, or the machine is shook  too much, the pinball machine tilts or turns off.  There are times even we are earning money, that we may get bored or lack luster, as the dream or challenge changes or does not challenge us anymore.

In our Sales career we have heard that 80% of the sales comes from the top 20% and vice versa. The quote goes, ” Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people won’t do.”  The things that makes us successful and puts more coins into our system are:

1. A Strong Positive life outlook and Attitude

2. Goals (much has been written on the subject, We need to apply the principles)

3. A Plan, (incidentally, that seems to be the toughest part for sales people)

4. Following a System that is proven

5.  Selling a product or Service that is now, exciting and people want and desire.

Not many of us like to cold call, yet it is part of the business. If we found the perfect sales job, it would mean:

1. Pre Set Leads or appointments

2. A product or offering that a client really desires

3. We would prefer to stay close to home

4. Work Daytime hours and no weekends

5. We also need more time to play to keep fresh.

So, what sells in a recession? I believe there are several areas that are flourishing today. The traditional sales positions of computers, copiers, telephone systems, long distance service, home improvement and other consumer sales have been put on “tilt”. There is a market, but it is very competitive and tough. Car Sales is in obvious “tilt” mode as well as Real estate Sales. My suggestions:

1. There are businesses today offering services to companies on a contingency basis. Just like an attorney would take a case on a contingency. Pay after money is found or recovered. These businesses often are involved with Office leases, Cost segregation, taxes etc. This type of business is flourishing today, because every business is looking for money to add to cash flow and this can be accomplished on a CONTINGENCY BASIS. Plus the service is done by a few strong companies offering very little competition and HUGE COMMISSIONS.

2. Home Based Businesses are growing like wild fire. There are many individuals with ample business experience that have been down sized and are very willing to look at direct sales on the Internet.

3. Green Companies. This would include Solar, Mold mitigation, wind power, energy credits, and energy audits.

There are more, but this article is getting too long. I would be happy to discuss more with you. In conclusion, if you are looking for a new challenge, new adventures or NEW COINS, take a look at whats out there. Be involved with the market and the interests. The recession can be overcome. As in the book WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, you might have to go and find new cheese.

Jerry is a full time home based entrepreneur with over 2 decades of successful business experience. Jerrys team of coaches and mentors can assist you in your home based business. It is time for you to find your own success path. It is up to you how successful your new business will be. You receive the help, but provide the effort. Get on the wave of business ownership. The days of finding a job and staying there for 40 years and then retiring are over. Take control of your destiny today. To learn more about one of the business types above contact me through or for an online direct sales business go to Thank you.

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