Showing Your Challenge Coins To Their Best Advantage

If you collect challenge coins or military coins, chances are you want to show them to people and you want to showcase their unique beauty and features. There are almost endless ways to display challenge coins, from custom made cases to special notebooks to special frames for display. There are as many ways to display these coins as there are collectors, and no “wrong” way to go about it.

Small wood racks that are used for displaying casino chips can work well for small collections of challenge coins, holding up to about 20 coins. For displaying a single, special coin, you can get a clear Lucite box with a holder in the base. These allow you to view the entire coin minus the bottom edge without having to touch the coin. Another option for displaying single coins is the coin holder with a semicircular brass piece that has decorative screws in each end. You simply tighten the screws until they hold the coin in place. This is another great way to be able to view a single coin for up close viewing without having to touch it.

Display domes are available that have two or three levels of displays, each of which holds three coins. This is another great way to showcase small collections, or particularly prized items from larger collections. These usually have attractive hardwood bases. Small Plexi-glass coin stands can be bought for a few dollars each to hold individual coins either alone or inside a display case of some kind.

Hinged hardwood display cases are great space savers because you can stack them up if you have a large collection and not much space. Wall-mounted display cases come with two or three rows of racks, each of which can hold three or four coins. Again, these can be great space savers because they can be mounted right on the wall.

For a special military coin, you can use a wood single-coin holder that includes a small custom metal plaque on which you can have details of the coin or the person it belongs or belonged to engraved. These are very lovely memorial gifts for military coins.

Anyone with a large collection and limited space should have a look at collector cabinets. These are rectangular boxes outfitted with several narrow drawers, each of which can hold a couple of dozen coins each. They too can be stacked to save on space. They also have the advantage of being very affordable.

Many collectors like to photograph their coins to share online, and collectors who sell or trade coins include photos on their websites or on auction sites. Photographing coins is best done in natural sunlight to bring out the maximum of detail. However, when photographing coins with shiny finishes, taking photographs outdoors on overcast days generally gives better results because it eliminates shine and harsh shadowing.

Showing off your challenge coins is easy with all the available storage solutions, whether you have one particular coin to display, or hundreds.

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