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Silver coins represent an interesting opportunity for investment. Their benefits are twofold. Firstly, they are a precious metal with intrinsic value. Secondly, their values are increased by their rarity and minting. Often, silver coin prices reflect not only the going rate of silver, but the premiums created by coin collectors. Some knowledge of coin collecting can help you to make the best choices and investments when it comes to collecting coins as an investment. It is fun to collect coins and learn the history behind them. But it is also considered a sound investment.

Silver coin prices fluctuate with the price of silver on the market. Silver has been going up lately and it is expected to continue to go up in the current economic situation. Inflation is expected to hit the US hard and silver will act as a commodity and go up as well. The height of the inflation will be matched by the price of silver. Fortunately, for investors in silver, the inflation is expected to be huge. Though the price of silver is on the rise, it is still a good time to buy into this market. Silver is an investment that will hold its value over the long term. Even when prices begin to fall, they will go up again at some point.

Coin collecting adds even more value to silver. Silver coins have value beyond their weight in silver. Minted coins are worth a bit more than their weight simply because they were minted. The location of the minting and the date of minting can affect this as well. As with all kinds of collecting, rarity increases the value of the silver coin. Coins minted before 1933 are generally quite rare since they were minted in limited runs. These silver coin prices can be worth double or more their weight. A study of minting history will reveal which silver coins are worth the most today.

There are polar camps when it comes to investing in precious metals. Some scream that it is a bad idea to invest in silver and others will yell the opposite. Fluctuations in precious metals can be quick and dramatic. That makes for a lousy short term investment because it is hard to time. But precious metals are more a long term investment. Prices are pretty much guaranteed to soar in the coming years. Those in possession of silver at the height of inflation will be considered wealthy.

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