Why The Australian Gold Kangaroo Is A Must-Own Australian Gold Coin

The Australian Kangaro Gold Coin really is a undeniably eye-catching twenty-four karat gold coin. It was first launched in 1986 through the Aussie government owned company, The Gold Corporation. Struck by the Perth Mint which is located in Western Australia, it contained .9999 fine gold bullion comparable to other gold coins in the marketplace. However, a couple of special features instantly placed it apart from the rest of the group:

1. It had a distinctive two-tone frosted design

2. Each coin was separately encapsulated in a round, hard plastic case.

This is certainly quite out of the ordinary for a standard price gold bullion coin. Those two exclusive features immmediately positioned the coin as being a superb value for the money!

From 1986 through 1988, the reverse side of the coin featured a picture of a legendary gold nugget – the Welcome Stranger nugget. This 2,284 oz . nugget, located in Western Australia in 1869, became the biggest gold nugget ever found.

Perhaps gold nuggets typically are not familiar to anybody who doesn’t reside in Australia (has a resemblance to a lump of dirt if you ask me!), given that this specific reverse image ended up being replaced in 1989. From this time onward, the reverse picture has showcased a picture of a differing kangaroo, an Australian icon which is more well-known! Furthermore, using the Kangaroo as a symbol tends to make much more sense given that the actual name of the coin is the Australian gold Kangaroo.

Even though the gold nugget has stopped being displayed on the coin, the word “NUGGET” was still being stamped upon the front (obverse) of the coin right until ’08. Actually, the coins were still called Kangaroo Nuggets until just lately.

I think just what genuinely tends to make this particular coin truly worth investing in, over many other well known gold bullion coins like the Canadian gold Maple Leafs, American gold Eagles, or South African gold Krugerrands is the uniqueness element.

1. Along with the Chinese gold Panda coin, the Australian Gold Kangaroo is the only other bullion coin in which the design changes each year. On the other common gold bullion coins, just the date alters as opposed to the design.

2. In addition, you have the extra bonus associated with a very low annual mintage, in comparison to the alternative well-known gold bullion coins. This contributes to its appeal to not simply bullion buyers but coin collectors as well.

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